Grade settings

Program grade settings

Program grade settings determine how the gradebook appears for all participants in the program.

Program grade settings are found in Administration > Grade administration > Program grade settings or via the gradebook Settings tab.


Coaches/Trainers can set their preferences for the grader report via the gradebook 'My preferences' tab. These settings will apply to all programs for that coach. The coach may change them at any time.

The default number of clients per page can safely be increased without any loss of data when grading large numbers of clients with many assignments.

Graded Roles

Graded roles are the type of user that will appear in the gradebook. Most of the time "client" is the only one needed.

User profile report

The default user profile report setting has just one option, 'User report', unless a custom user report has been added to the site.

Coaches can view the user reports for all or selected clients in the program in Administration > Grades administration > User report.

Include scales in aggregation

Scales can be included as numbers in all aggregated grades across all gradebooks in all programs. Changing this setting will force all aggregated grades to be recalculated.

If this is checked (and it is by default) then all custom scales will have a corresponding value that is assigned based on the number of options in the scale (ie. three values will have values of 1,2,3) and this will be included in the grade aggregation.


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