Theme Options

You have various options to change the look of your Coaching Hub.

Theme Options:

  1. Site Theme
  2. Personal Theme
  3. Program Theme
  4. Category Theme

Personal Theme:

You may select your preferred theme on the edit profile page. All your hub pages will be displayed in the coach's theme, apart from the programs where a program theme has been set.

Program Theme:

You are able to set your own individual program themes. Program themes override all other theme choices (site, personal, or session themes).

  • The coach may select their program theme via the Force theme option on the Program settings page. The program will always be displayed in the theme specified in the program setting, with user and the site themes being overwritten.

Category Theme:

Themes can be set at the category level. This will affect all child categories and programs unless they have specifically set their own theme. WARNING: Enabling category themes may affect performance, as it will result in a few extra DB queries on each page, so only turn this on if you need it!

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