The PayPal Purchase Experience

This is the aMember Signup Page. By default, it lists all products and allows the user to pick one. This page is highly configurable to accommodate virtually any way you want to present products for sale. You can even have an unlimited number of product pages, each with their own unique URL.

The user would fill out the form as follows:

  1. In this case, the user selects the "Bronze Membership".
  2. User enters their first and last name.
  3. User enters their email address.  This can also be configured to send email verification to the user.
  4. User enters their preferred username. Note that many requirements of the user's username can be configured in aMember.
  5. User enters their preferred password. Note that many requirements of the user's password can be configured in aMember.
  6. User re-enters their preferred password to check for accuracy.
  7. User clicks on the "Save" button to submit the signup form.

The user is then taken to the PayPal site to complete the transaction. Note that some customization of this PayPal page is possible to keep some of the look/feel of the original site.

  1. Users with a PayPal account simply log in.
  2. Users without a PayPal account can complete the transaction as a "Guest". Note: The client does not have to have a paypal account, they can pay either through their paypal account or by using the credit card facility.


When the transaction is completed on the PayPal site, the user will be redirected back to the original site and is presented with the following "Thank You" page.




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