Integration - Part 1

Integrating your Coaching courses with your members platform. 


By choosing the members platform all your coaching courses and workshops should be integrated with your members platform. This ensures all your clients will be held in one place, for you to communicate with them. View reports and payments.

The client journey for this process will mean your clients will access their coaching courses through the members area. For this to work you need to make sure your coaching courses are integrated into your members area. This ensures a seamless process for your clients.

To integrate your coaching courses.

1. Members Platform: Select Manage Products

2. Select New Product: Complete the New Product details.

General Settings:

  • Title - Coaching Course
  • Description - Of the Course
  • Comment - For admin reference (optional)


  • Apply Tax - (optional)
  • Currency - Select

   Billing Terms:

  • First Price - This is the first period of your subscription. If offering this as a free course enter 0.00
  • Rebill Times - Select options for recurring payments.
  • Second Price - Enter amount
  • Second Period - Select options
  • Terms Text - Enter the terms you wish to off. Example: For just $9 pm (optional)
  • Quantity - (optional) if you wish for the client to select more than one
  • PayPal Button Item Number - (optional)

3.Product availability - (optional)

 4.Shopping Cart

  • Product Picture  - upload your product picture
  • Path - enter the path you would like to create as a user friendly url
  • Product Description - Enter the text you wish to be displayed on the shopping cart page


View of product in the shopping cart -

 5. Meta Data

Meta Date is required for the Search Engine Optimization.

  • Title - enter the title of the course
  • Keywords - think about the keywords your prospects will be looking for on the internet
  • Description - Add the description of the course offered.

6. Additional Information

Locate the course in your coaching hub - copy the url of the coaching course and paste this here. This is where the client will be redirected after purchasing the product.

NOTE: In order for your clients to gain instant access to the course you must change the registration methods in your coaching hub.

Coaching Hub

  1. Access the specific course in your coaching hub
  2. Administration>Users>Registration or Enrollment methods
  3. Remove the Paypal and self registration if open
  4. Add method> select programme/course meta link

With this meta link your clients will have instant access to the course after purchase.

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