Manage an Interactive Coaching Program

Interactive Coaching is different, this is between a virtual or self coaching program and a 1 2 1 coaching.

The benefits are that the client can work when they want and at a pace that suits them. The coach can coach many more 'interactive' clients than they can 1 2 1 clients. Both coach and client have the ability to reflect on their answers before they respond ensuring both coach and client give meaningful and powerful responses every time. Giving a deeper experience.

How does it work?

The Questionnaire

The Questionnaire module allows the coach to create a wide range of questions to engage the client. The Questionnaire module is a very simple process of questions and answers without using the internal reviewing/grading system like those of the Coaching Sessions or Interactive modules.

The coach can use the advanced settings to enter their email address at the bottom of the page with a message. This could be a thank you message or give the client words of encouragement or simply tell them you will have received their answers and will respond in due course. Each time you setup a  questionnaire you can change this response. You can even include a pdf or reading suggestion or video the choice is yours.

If the coach has added their email address they will receive an email with the client's answers.  This allows the coach time to reflect on the clients answers and be prepared for a response.

To respond the coach logs in and enters MyPlace,  selects the program within the COACH BLOCK  (all programs that have a questionnaire module will be listed here in the drop down box). Then selects the client and enters. The list of questionnaire modules within the program will appear select the module. (This information will be held within the email you received.) This will open with the clients answers listed under the questions. To respond the coach selects comments.  A text box will appear for the coach to add their comments, video, pdf's etc.,  The coach can then enter their response to the clients answers and start a "coaches rainbow". The client will receive an email notification that their coach has responded with the instructions on where to go to reply.


It is not necessary for the coach to respond to every question the client has answered. This can become over whelming for the client.

It is always a good idea to use a new color each new day you access this area. This will keep all your correspondence in one neat and easy to read location. Please avoid the color RED the clients hate red. By using different colors on different days the coach can quickly see the mood of the client at the time of their response. The color change can tell you a great deal about the place your client is in at that time.



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