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The Product or subscription type, is an item you are selling to customers. This could simply be your coaching programs which will be listed in your cart for your clients to purchase.  You could create a free membership as a 'product' where you offer free access to one of your coaching programs. This could be where you have bundled several programs together calling this for example "silver" membership where you are charging a subscription. This could also be where you wish to create let's say a Gold membership where your clients have access to protected pages or folders with your resources for them to access together with access to programs on your coaching hub.

So, the first thing is to consider what do you want to offer? The easiest to start with would be your coaching programs.

Note: To get your signup form working, you must add at least one product.

1.  Go to aMember CP -> Manage Products and press New Record button.

2. Fill-in product fields (it is a long form, but only a few fields are required). You will be asked for product title, description,

Note: to create a free membership first ensure you have enabled Free Signup in your shopping cart.

Creating a Free Membership example:

Title - Free Membership

Description - Become a member of Coaching4Everyone and get free and discounted coaching and personal development products. BONUS: Great Expectations - Are you ready to set Goals? MyLife. - The essential Life Mapping Coaching tool. Before you can venture any any journey you first must know where you are starting from.

Comment - this is optional

Product Categories - To add a category select Edit Categories. A popup window will appear select Add Root Node,

this will open a further window where you can place the title of the category and the description

Select ok to save.

Apply Tax - select if required

Currency - select your currency

First Price - 0.00

First Period - Lifetime. This means that this free membership will be available for ever.  (If you choose to enable re-bills you will also have to enter second price and period.)

Terms Text - FREE Membership

Quality - 1

PayPal Button Item -  left blank   (this is covered in another area.)

Product Availability - This area is left blank for this example

Shopping Cart

Product Picture - uploaded image to be viewed in the cart 

Path - free_membership

Product Description

Become a member and access Great FREE coaching tools.


MyLife -  The essential coaching tool and a great place to start. Create a benchmark of your Life today. View the areas of your life that need your most urgent attention.

A Life Map is

  • Your unique vision of your future
  • A way to tell your life story, to yourself and others
  • Hints about areas of your life that need your attention


Meta Data -Ideal to maximize your product for the search engines, with title, keywords and description.

press Save button. 

3. Check out your cart


 Now you need to protect your content see Protect your content


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