Administration Block

The Administration block provides context-sensitive links to settings pages.

What appears in the Administration block depends upon the Context (Page being shown and user's permissions). For example, the mentor on the front page will have Front page settings while a coach in a program will have more options in Program administration than a client.

Administration block menus

The main menu items (Front page settings, Program Administration, My profile settings and Site Administration) contain a submenu and can be collapsed or expanded to display the (typical) full menu as shown below:

  • Front page settings
    • Turn edit on/off
    • Edit settings
    • Users
    • Filters
    • Backup
    • Restore
    • Questions
    • Files
  • Program administration
    • Turn editing on
    • Edit settings
    • Users
    • Filters
    • Reports
    • Grades
    • Badges (if enabled)
    • Backup
    • Restore
    • Import
    • Publish
    • Reset
    • Question bank
  • My profile settings
    • Edit profile
    • Change password
    • Messaging
    • Blogs
  • Site administration
    • Notifications
    • Registration
    • Users
    • programs
    • Plugins
    • Front page
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