Interactve Module

Interactive Coaching

This comes in 2 parts:

Part 1. Setting your questions.

See Questionnaire Module


Part 2. The Interaction

Once the client SHARES/Submits their work with their coach - the coach will receive an email confirming the submission. By receiving the submissions via email the coach is given time to read and reflect on their response. Some coaches prefer to print these and make notes before they respond online.

This is the true power of the interactive process, having time to think both for the coach and client to ensure they give thoughtful and deep responses.

When the coach is ready to 'interact'  with the client. 

The coach needs to

  1. Login and access "MyPlace"  to view the 'Coach Block'.

  2. Select the program and then the client's name

  3. Select Coaching Log.

  4. Select the title of the questionnaire to view the clients comments.

The program, client and title details will be in the email received.

Click on 'Comment' to open the text editor and enter your comments. 

NOTE: we strongly recommend you use a new color each and every new day you enter this area. This will make it much easier for both you and your clients to read when the communication becomes lengthy. You can even encourage your clients to use a new color when they respond back, this will add to their coaching experience and you will be able to see your client's mood was at the time of responding by the color of the text they chose to use. 

Post Comment: Sends the communication to the client

Save Comment: Saves the text, should you need to go away and think about something or research or simply just been interrupted. As long as you select Save comments your text will be there for when you return.

Load Comments: Enables all saved work to be reloaded. Place your curser/mouse in the text editor box and click on Load comment.

As you communicate back to your client and they you, you will see their name turn from grey to Bold Green in the user list. This indicates that these clients are in need of your response. Likewise when your clients add their comments in a particular heading this heading will turn from Grey to Bold Green indicating this needs your attention.

Add all these elements together and you now have a 3 dimensional online coaching experience.

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