PayPal registristrations

The PayPal registration allows you to set up paid programs. The plugin has to be added to the program by the mentor or coach. You can then set an individual price for your programs if needed.

Program settings for Paypal

Checking you have Paypal in your paypal

  • In a course, go to Settings> Course administration>Users>Enrolment methods
  • If you do not see PayPal, use the pull down menu "Add method" and select PayPal.
  • Make sure PayPal has its "eye" opened:

Setting a price for your program

  • In Settings>Program Administration>Users>registration methods, click the edit/hand/pen icon to the right of the Paypal option.
  • Give a name to this registration method if you wish in "Custom Instance name". (You don't have to!)
  • Ensure that "allow Paypal enrolments" is set to "yes"
  • In "registration cost", type in the cost of your program and in "Currency" choose your currency.
  • Usually you would leave the "Assign role" as "client" unless you have a very special reason for allowing your users to register as, say, editing coaches etc
  • Choose a registration period and/or start/end dates if desired.
  • Click the "Save changes" button.

What the new user sees

  • When a new user clicks on your program link, having made a login to your coaching hub, they will see the following screen, inviting them to go to PayPal to purchase access to your program:


Admin settings

  1. If you wish to allow users to make their own accounts on your site then set up Email based self registration
  2. Here are the default settings and default settings for new instances in a program:
    1. The email of your Business PayPal account given to your account manager will be added to your coahcing hub. Shoul dyou ever change this email address please advise your account manager immediately. The email settings are case sensitive and must exactly match that in PayPal.
    2. Notification to will be sent to both client and coach on each purchase of a program.
    3. By default the currency will be the $'s. (This may be overridden in individual programs)

What the user sees

  • If you have allowed users to create their own accounts then when they click to login, they will be presented with a screen Is this your first time here? It will give them instructions for making an account (which may be customised - please speak with your account, manager regarding this) and once their account is confirmed via email they can click on a program which can be purchased and pay for it via Paypal. PayPal programs will have a dollar sign icon next to them:
  • Once payment is made both the user/client and the coach/mentor should have received emails from Paypal confirming the purchase.



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