"Messaging" refers both to automatic alerts from the coaching hub about new forum posts, assignment submission notifications etc, and also to conversations using the instant messaging feature.

Message alerts

  • Users can receive message alerts from the coaching hub in a number of ways and for a number of reasons: users may for instance receive instant messages via the Messages block; clients may be messaged by their coach via the People block; coaches might receive automatic notifications of assignment submissions.
  • How these messages and others are received can be set by each user from the Messaging link in their profile. Check boxes allow the user to select how they wish to be notified of incoming messages. See Messaging settings for more information.

Instant messaging

If enabled for the site, users in the coaching hub have the option to send each other messages. Messages can be sent from the following places:

  • as mentor in Bulk user actions
  • as a coach from the People block
  • as any logged in user from the Messages block or Online Users block
  • as any logged in user by clicking on the profile of another user (if admin has allowed profiles to be viewed)


See Using Messaging for more details.

To set how you receive instant messages, see Messaging settings.


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