How to create a Marketing Funnel.

People who turn to the internet are looking for solutions, not products.

Google and other search engines endeavor to match enquiries with solutions.The objective is therefore simple, arrange your offering into a structure that enables everyone to test the water without any financial commitment.

To make this work for you all you need is to develop a marketing funnel. As trust in you and your company expands, confidence in your ability to deliver also expands. As this trust matures the rewards develop.  It is always better to do more business with an existing customer than to be constantly on the marketing initiative looking for new customers. All you have to do is create products that can achieve this and that can be delivered via the internet.

By using the power of the internet you can allow new customers to find you.This is in effect a paradigm shift in the distribution of products or services.

As always there are a few considerations that you will need to reflect upon to enable successful implementation, in place.

  1. Identify the profile of your desirable client. What are their questions? What are their needs? who are they? what do they do?
  2. How can you encourage them to spend with your company? It is simple at first you give them something, but what about all of the freeloaders that this will attract, I hear you cry. If it costs next to nothing to deliver and it doesn't take you any time, why not?
  3. I can't give away anything my time is too precious! Is the next objection often raised. How would you value a report that may take you 2/3 hours to write (outlay nil) yet it added 500 contacts to your database over one or two years?
  4. The secret to this is that you should always give perceived value from your contacts viewpoint. This will build an old fashioned commodity, goodwill. This will turn into trust, goodwill will expand your customer base and trust will expand their spending so this is really a win win situation. How many companies do you turn to without thinking? Why? The answer is always the same, you can trust them, their quality matches your requirements and their delivery times are always prompt and the prices are fair. Whenever you buy anything in the future ask yourself why? Then think how you could bring that into your marketing funnel.
  5. Never communicate too often, there are way too many people out there thinking that the key to success is to swamp people with information, some communicate 2/3 times a month, some every weekly! The result is that people become bored and unsubscribe. Before you send anything stop and think, is it newsworthy? Is it of value? Is it niched to their profile? if it isn't my advice is don't send it.Treat your database of contacts as a group of friends, do not abuse the privilege of friendship.
  6. To create a marketing funnel you need to develop a range of products or services that start at free and end at your blue ribbon one to one service. There should be a number of products at different price breaks between these two extremes that your prospects can select to acquire through you whilst on their journey, building their trust in you and your company. These could be articles, Interactive coaching, self coaching, books, cds, apps for phones and computers, conference calls, webinars, seminars (group events), one to one sessions, and retreats (the ultimate focus sessions).
  7. Try to think out of the box, why not offer a gift voucher where someone who trusts you can buy a voucher for a friend who can use it to spend on your online shop. This could be a boon at Christmas and birthdays. People mix with people who have the same outlook on life as themselves, here you can capitalize on good old fashioned word of mouth from satisfied customers who will expand your customer base for you, this way they are actually paying to introduce their friends to you. How amazing is that! It is human nature to share when they have found something good. All you have to do is enable them and your business will grow.
  8. Word of mouth is the most powerful form of introduction, the only problem is that it can be quite slow. If you design your offerings properly you can combine the global reach of the internet with the power of personal recommendation.
  9. Now all that you need to do is assemble a collection of tools and ideas to make all of this work. This may feel daunting at first, it was for us too. We have collected a range of tools and contacts that we supply to those that attend our seminars. We are happy to share these with you , they are all no budget or low budget items check them out by registering at

We ourselves have applied all of these principals to the area of coaching and consulting with it has taken us to four continents and across 20 time zones if you want to see how these principles can be applied to your sector, culture, language or corporation please remember it costs nothing to ask just email

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