Sending a client to a specific program

If your client has already created an account within your coaching hub you can send them off to a specific program. So, if you have created a new program and wish to tell your clients about it take the url of the program and add this to your message.

Example: Note: Remember to 'Turn editing off" before you copy the url.

Dear Client - Great news I have completed the long awaited Anxiety & Depression program. I know you have been waiting to see this please click on the link and check it out!

By clicking on this your clients will be taken to the program description page

If your program is a fee or subscription based when the client selects "select payment via PayPal" they will be directed to the paypal page - and asked for payment to be sent.

Once they have paid the fee they will be redirected back to your coaching hub and have instant access to your program.

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