Tips on how to build great coaching programs.

We strongly recommend you sit down in the quiet with a pen and paper and map down your program. You will find it much easier to work with pen and paper initially rather than trying to build your program in the system from the start. Unless you have a very strong idea on how your program will be set out.

The very first question you need to ask yourself, "Is this going to be a SELF coaching or INTERACTIVE coaching program?" Depending on the type of program you are creating will depend on which 'coaching activity' you will choose to include within the program.

Landing Page - Introduction

A successful program begins with orienting the clients to your program. This sets program expectations and provides the client with a detailed guide for what to expect and what is required of them. You can create a 'page' within your hub for each program, and place this in a tab on your header for clients to be able to read and consider buying your program. This is your "sales Pitch".

We recommend the following elements to be included within the program home page or introduction.

  • 1) Program welcome, an over view of the program. The name and information of the coach/mentor with contact details
  • 2) Information of the program itself and what will be expected from both the client and coach.
  • 3) Grading/review/coach's comments. Make sure your participants understand how the online coaching process works.
  • 4) A brief orientation of the platform, giving links to resources where the clients can take a tour to help them familiarize themselves with the system.
  • Present information in a variety of ways

    Consider creating and using different types of content for clients to address different learning styles. Employ multimedia and interactive content where appropriate. This is particularly helpful when coaching difficult concepts. Along with assigned readings, include quick screencasts or embed external video/audio content to help clarify challenging topics.

    Structure your content

  • It is wise to use no more than 3 font styles per page.
  • Use a label in Topic 0 to create a menu on the homepage.
  • Do maintain consistency.
  • Use topic summaries for titles and labels to guide your clients.
  • It is not recommended to use the program page for content.
  • Use images to enhance your program but beware of over using images.
  • Don't be afraid of white spaces.
  • Don't force your participants to scroll and scroll and scroll.
  • Keep any coaching activity names to a reasonable size.
  • Don't be the one doing all the work, let your clients participate.
  • Enable the completion tracking. Allow your clients to see what they have done
  • HTML Blocks

    By signing up with Amazon associates you are able to create your very own recommended reading block or library. Simply enter the html code from Amazon and copy this code into the html block. This enables you to create greater interest for your client by recommending books and resources they can purchase from amazon simply by clicking on the link. Amazon will reward you by sending a small commission for each sale. This html block can be used for an such affiliate arrangement. But please ensure the block with have details that will enhance the clients journey. Each program can have a completely different block enabling you to target market.

    Clarify expectations

    Since online programs and courses generally have less opportunity for initial client interaction, expectations for how to succeed in the program, how the coaching works and if there are any grades have these will be determined, what it means to “participate,” and the program policies and procedures need to be spelled out as clearly as possible


    The Feedback module allows you to create and conduct surveys to collect important feedback. You can write your own questions. The Feedback activity is ideal to place at the end of your program to ensure you know and understand the likes of the program or your coaching evaluations.

    Long term clients

    Think about how you can keep your clients interested and coming back to your platform. 3) Be consistent 4) Use topic summaries and labels 5) Dont use the program page for content 6) Beware the bling 7) Dont be afraid of white spaces 8) Use images to enhance your program
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