Deleting a program

Deleting a program(s)

A regular coach can't delete a program a Mentor can delete programs. A Program creator can also delete programs they have created themselves.

To delete a program (as a mentor):

  • (With editing turned on) Go to Settings > Site Administration > Programs > Add/edit programs
  • Click the program's category (to drill down the category tree) and find the program you wish to delete. Or use the "Search program" text box at the bottom of the category list.
  • Click the "X" icon to the right of the program's name to delete it.

You can delete multiple programs by:

  • Creating a new (temporary) category. You can name it "To be deleted".
  • Select and move the "About to be deleted" programs to that category ("To be deleted").
  • Delete the category ("To be deleted") and choose "Delete ALL - cannot be undone".

Bulk program creation

It is not yet possible to create programs in bulk, however this feature is coming soon.

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