How to edit your Terms & Conditions

We have pre-loaded a terms & conditions page for you to simply edit to suit your specific requirements. We recommend you have your Terms & Conditions in a easily accessible place for your clients. We have this placed in a tab at the top of your Coaching Hub. You can request as many tabs as you wish with topics and sub topics as you desire. The pages are completely editable by yourself, when you have finished your editing send an email to your account manager giving them instructions on the title of the tab you require together with the name of the topic or sub-topic.

1. Login

2. Turn editing on

3. See Main Menu

4. Select the editing wheel

5. The Page will open with the text editing and settings for you to edit

6. Once you have completed the editing and you are happy with the contents save your work.

7.If you do not wish for the contents of your "main menu" to be viewed in the navigation bar, close the eye. This will ensure your visitors/clients can view the contents of the pages when selecting the tabs at the top of your hub but will not see the list of pages in your main menu.

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