Setting up your Business PayPal Account

NOTE: If you haven't already done so please send your account manager the email address you have registered with your business paypal account. Your account manager will ensure this email is entered into your hub to ensure you receive your programs fees.

Setup your FREE  Business PayPal account at

  1. Create a Business Paypal account and get "Verified"
  2. Set the Encoding to UFT-8. In Paypal, go to "Profile > Language Encoding" (under the Selling Preferences column) and set your website's language (like select "Western European Languages (including English)" as it is the only English version). Then click on the "More Options" button and set the Encoding to "UTF-8", select "Yes" to use the same encoding for data sent from Paypay to you, and save.
  3. Optionally setup IPN in Paypal to interact with your Hub. Log into Paypal, go to "Profile > Instant Payment Notifications (IPN)”, click "Turn On IPN", click the "Edit settings" and enter a URL that references your IPN file in your Hub installation (for example: http://<domain name>/enrol/paypal/ipn.php)

If you are unsure please speak with your account manager. The above settings ensure your clients are redirected back to the program having paid your fee.

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