Coaching hub features

Coach's & Mentor's


  • Drag your favorite coaching resources straight onto the page:
    • No complex uploading processes; just select your file, folder or other coaching resource and place it exactly where you want in your program.
  • Receive instant emails with your clients submissions to their Life Maps
  • Search for and embed multimedia at the click of a button:
    • The hub's easy to use text editor makes formatting your programs a pleasure,with customizable edit icons and built-in image, sound and video embedding.
  • Direct your clients' coaching path:
    • Let coachees meander freely around your program or restrict their access dependent on criteria met, time or profile fields; it's your choice!
  • Assess and feedback with self-grading style coaching quizzes:
    • A wide range of standard and contributed question types make for a powerful tool for both formative and summative assessment
  • Set them individual, group or anonymous assignments:
    • Clients can submit anything from a short text-based task to a team project with multiple files, and you can respond with your coaching or grade with a single percentage or a complex, customized rubric.
  • Provide opportunities for your clients to peer and self assess:
    • Workshops challenge your class to evaluate their own and others' submissions according to criteria decided by you.



  • Manage their files however and wherever they like:
    • Store their files in their personal files area or access them from Google, Dropbox, Flickr, Youtube, Skydrive...
  • Track their progress on each log in:
    • Checkboxes against every task be reminded of how far you've come
  • Create your own personal dashboard:
    • The customizable My Home page gives quick access to programs, work owing,  or other items you choose to add.

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