How to add PayPal payments to a program

  1. Go to your hub url and login
  2. Turn Editing on
  3. Select the program
  4. Under Administration>Users. select 'Registration Methods'
  5. Click on the drop down menu, these are your choices available for you, select 'PayPal'
  6. Enter your desired settings, you can choose either one off fees or subscriptions. Once completed select 'Add method'
  7. Your price is now set for this program - repeat on all programs
  8. Now when you go to the program you can see top right the icons indicating the registration methods.
  9. When the client selects the program, they are taken to the payment page.
  10. The client selects the PayPal button and are taken to your paypal account to complete the payment transaction. Depending on the settings in your PayPal account will depend what actions the client can do now. We recommend you make the settings in your PayPal account to accept debit or credit cards. This way if your client doesn't have a PayPal account they can still pay using their credit card
  11. Once the payment has been completed the client has immediate access to your program
  12. The client will also receive a welcome email from the system, a copy will be sent to the coach confirming a new client has registered in the program 

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