SELF coaching Programs

Self Coaching programs are the first really entry to Coaching. 

During our research we discovered that:-

  1. There are many people who are interested in being coached but are concerned about the thought of speaking to a 'stranger'.
  2. In these financially challenging times many have a limited budget.
  3. Many would prefer to "try" before they buy

By offering self coaching programs the client can work at their own pace, in their own time with absolutely no intervention from anyone.

Self coaching enables the coach to receive a passive income which has previously not been possible.

The Coaches hub is preloaded with self coaching programs. These programs have been designed as a light weight entry to coaching but still delivering a powerful coaching experience.

The self coaching programs have tasks, and thought provoking questions for the client to respond to. Although the coach can access these answers - there is no responsibility for the coach to respond. The coach can add various items such as a journal, calendar even a recommended reading block linking their Amazon associates link. Creating a further income from sales of books and dvd's etc.,

Self Coaching is where the client does all the work, by working through our very powerful Self Coaching programs the client creates, their own personal goals, tasks and ambitions. Each program has a Life Mapping program, where the client works through each individual area that is important to them. Ensuring their work life balance. The Life map is an essential part of coaching as the client progresses through their program with or without the coach the coach is fully informed of the client work and can reach out and engage with the client at any time. The client can share their life map with their coach to get feedback if the coach wishes.

The coaching hub is fun and easy to use. The Self Coaching programs are designed for your clients to work within the system. The clients are guided by a simple step-by-step process creating their own tasks and personal goals which empowers the clients to be accountable for their own future. Your clients now have access to a 24/7/365 coach, anywhere in the world at anytime. There is no limit to the number of Self Coaching clients you can have on your Coaching Hub. The coach is not responsible or required to coach the client in anyway. However, the coach can view the clients work and reach out to the client at anytime.

These programs are constructed in moduler format each time a client completes a module the next will open for them. The recommended price for these programs are set at $27 monthly subscription. However the coach can edit the prices and change the settings at any time.

The coach has the ability to copy or edit these programs, should they wish to.

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