What exactly is the Coaching Hub?

The Coaching Hub is based on an e-learning or virtual learning platform. The Coaching Hub is used to deliver the Self & Interactive coaching programs to coaching clients.

Providing Self & Interactive coaching to your existing clients and offering these as additional services to new clients have become very popular among coaches around the world.  Coaches can now create  dynamic coaching programs for their clients. Adding an additional income stream and giving a deeper level of coaching.

By embracing the internet and using your coaching hub you will be able to coach hundreds if not thousands of clients all at the same time.

The Self coaching programs are designed to handle an unlimited number of clients and having created the program  and edited the settings such as the payment section, the coach has absolutely no further responsibility to the client. For further information check out Self Coaching Programs.

The Interactive coaching programs do involve the coach and therefore sold at a higher price. The coach can sell the programs for an entrance fee and arrange a separate fee for the number of interactions the client requests. For further information on this check out Interactive Coaching Programs.

The coaching hub also is Skype enabled so the client and coach are able to connect via Skype or with our Chat block.

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