The Notes feature is a way to attach information about a user by another user. For example, a coach might attach a note to a specific client about the hobbies and interests that seems to engage that client.


  • 1 Accessing Notes
  • 2 Note context
  • 3 Tips and tricks

Accessing Notes

Mentors and editing coaches can manage and view all notes. The clients can be allowed to view or even manage notes within a course by default they are unable to do either.

The Notes page may be accessed via the Navigation block via Site pages > Notes, My Profile > Notes and/or Courses > Course Name > Participants > Hub User > Notes - depending on your access rights and the context at which the Notes has been set.

Note context

A Note's context determines which users can see the note. You can select from one of the below options when creating or editing a Note.

  • Personal - The note will be visible only to you (as the Note author)
  • Course - The note will be visible to other Mentors and Coaches in this course
  • Site - The note will be visible to other Mentors and Coaches in all courses when viewing within a course

Tips and tricks

  • Notes may be disabled if required
  • The Mentor or Coach may have used the Notes functionality to create private coaching notes regarding a user and changing this user's permissions will give them access to this information
  • Users with this capability set to Allow can edit and delete another user's Note(s)
  • Users can only view Notes that have been created within the same context to which their Role has been assigned (e.g. Site, Course, Personal/User). **Example 1: A Note set to Site Context can be viewed by the Mentor at the site level (Site pages> Notes) or by a Coach when within their own course.
    • Example 2: A Note set to Course Context can only be viewed by the Mentor when they are in the course in which it was created
    • Example 3: A Coach can only view a Course Context Note when viewed within a course both they and the student/user are associated with
  • Notes can be added against any user within the site where the Note author has access rights to view and edit a user's profile and the ability to View notes and Manage notes


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