How to create your first online coaching program.

Before you begin creating your first online coaching program, may we suggest you check out Tips on creating great online coaching programs.

1. Login

2. Turn editing on


3. Scroll down to Site administration>Programs click on Add/Edit Programs


4. Select the category you wish your program to be placed or add a new category then click 'Add a new program'

5. Give your program a title and a short name, this will be the name that appears on the button to bring clients back to your program main page. It will also appear in the navigation bar at the top of the page. Select the category (you can move your programs around later if you need). Make this visible or hide this while you are editing this program. Select the start date for your program. By default, the program start is the day after you create the program. You can also select the period of time you would like to allow clients to register in this program. Note that if you set this to 14 days; clients will be removed from the program 14 days after they register. The summary appears on the list of programs.


6. Scroll down and select the format, this opens for you to choose a weekly or module format for your program. You can select the number of weeks/modules, this can be changed at any stage. Hidden sections, This setting determines whether hidden sections are displayed to clients in collapsed form (perhaps for a program in weekly format to indicate holidays) or are completely hidden. Program layout, this setting determines whether the whole program is displayed on one page or split over several pages.


7. Scroll down and select the Appearance, work through each section in turn to complete the program settings. All settings can be changed at any stage. Beside each section you will see ? this is here to give you detailed information regarding the section. Continue until you have completed all sections then select Save changes.

8. You will be taken to a new page to add a registered user, ie you, or the coach for this program.


9. All program participants registered in a program are assigned an appropriate role. In this case select Mentor, then select yourself.

10. Then click on 'Finish registering users'

11. You will see your name entered in the registered users and as the Mentor. This gives you the editing rights to this program. In the breadcrumb trail select the name of your program to access the modules of the program.

12. Make sure you have 'Editing on" Select the editing wheel to add your introduction or welcome message.

13. Add your introduction or welcome message. Then select 'Add a coaching activity or resource'. Click here to learn more about this section.

14. A pop up window with a selection of coaching activities or resources will become available. Select 'Add a coaching activity or resource' Here you can a coaching activity or a resource for this module.

15. Having created your program you are ready to set the registration methods. Scroll down Under Program Administration>Users>Registration methods. Select your choice of registration.

16. You can check the registration methods on each program by selecting the category ie self coaching programs and in the program description you can see the relevant icons

NOTE: If you haven't already please visit Tips on creating great online coaching programs
















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